Favorite Tee | V-Neck | Horses Make Me Happy (Purple)

Favorite Tee | V-Neck | Horses Make Me Happy (Purple)

$ 35.00

Women's Purple Scoop Neck Tee with text "Horses Make Me Happy.  You, Not So Much"

Why hide your love for horses when you leave the barn? Wear it loud, proud, and around town in one of our super soft, super comfortable, Buckwild Favorite Tees.

Note: Our Favorite Tees are fitted. (It's designed to show off your love of riding and your curves!) For a looser fit, consider going up a size or two. 

Style: Scoop-Neck
Front: "Horses Make Me Happy; You, Not So Much"

Back: "Buckwild" Logo on neck


Available Colors: 
Turquoise / Red / Purple


cotton 60%  / 40% poly 

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