Buckwild Leopard Ear Bonnet
Buckwild Leopard Ear Bonnet

Ear Bonnet - Leopard

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Protect Your Horse's Ears Without Compromise: Quality Fly Bonnets with Style

When warm weather arrives, you need one of these to keep the pesky bugs out of your horse's ears. But it used to be that if you wanted an ear bonnet, you bought either -
A.) the cheap cotton ones that faded and shrunk after you washed the nasty sweat out of them, or
B.) the very pretty, but very expensive, ones in the nice colors with piped edges.   Now there's a third option. We paired our most popular patterns with a complementary color to create ear bonnets that protect your horse from flies without feeling like an afterthought.
●  Stretchy fabric gives a comfortable fit so your horse doesn't spend the entire ride trying to rub the bonnet off.
●  Crochet edges keep your horse's head cool.
●  Piping adds structure and style.


The best part? Being all matchy-matchy with your horse.

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